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By Jacqui N2

The Origins of #GoodTurnTuesday 

Being a husband and wife team co-founding a business whilst raising two children is not always as fun as it sounds. In the early days of Revvies, whilst still a bootstrapping start-up. Even though the business was managing itself, John and I were uber driving outside office hours to cover our own basic needs.

We would take turns waking up at 4am Ubering until 10am whilst the other did the breakfast and school run. Then work together during the day and in the evening swap shifts, so the one that ubered in the morning would prepare dinner, and do the bath and bed routine whilst the other went out to drive until 10-12pm.
We did this 7 days a week for almost a year.

We believe so passionately about Revvies ability to assist people to reach their goals and do hard things. In fact, we were a living example and we weren’t the only ones. One thing that really kept us going, kept us moving forward and focused during those hard times was the messages, social media shoutouts and emails we would receive from our amazing customers, who were using Revvies not only to do hard things and smash their goals, but doing it with passion and purpose to help make the world a better place. These stories and messages would light us up and add fuel to our fire.

We wanted to help spread the joy that these posts gave us, and recognise the amazing things people are doing every day. And whilst we were not in a position to financially support their activities, charities or causes we could share their stories and encourage others to jump onboard and support them or start their own journeys, and so #goodturntuesday was born, to spread the word and inspire others.

Every #goodturntuesday receives Revvies for training, racing and raffles. We love sharing these stories to inspire and encourage, in a world where bad news is spread so widely, and positive stories of kindness, compassion, and endurance and triumph over adversity are often ignored, we wanted to create a little channel of inspiration, and provide examples of what each of us is truly is capable of.

Since launching there have been over 100 #goodturntuesday posts. From raising thousands of $$ to  help end poverty, research cures for cancer, heal mental health, plant trees, save important areas of our environment, help sick kids, develop racial equity, provide free legal services to the disadvantaged, build wells to provide clean, safe water, saving sight, often whilst running marathons, breaking records, undertaking epic adventures across seas, choosing to come last in a race so others do not have too.There are so many people doing good and so many amazing causes.

Whenever we feel down, #goodturntuesday is our happy place, the people who have been featured here have become our friends, our hero's, our champion's and we hope #goodturntuesday inspires you as much as it inspires us, as we grow, we have big plans for this little day.

If you would like to get involved in #goodturntuesday email founders@revviesenergy.com

Jacqui and John are the founders of Revvies.

They loved coffee but not in big hits or with loads of sugar, and wanted a faster, easier way to have a little boost that was light on the stomach.

Jacqui and John are so grateful and honoured by the amazing athletes that choose to use Revvies, from Olympians and pro teams performing at the highest level, to eveyday athletes who are using Revvies to smash thier goals and perform at thier best. 

You can follow #goodturntuesday on insta here
And Jacqui and John @revvie_lutionaries

John and Jacqui at the Sydney Half Marathon 2019

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